Ammonium Bi Fluoride
     Ammonium Fluoborate
bullet Metal Cleaning, Etching, Pickling
bullet Glass Cleaning, Etching, Pickling
bullet Monument & Building Cleaning
bullet Oil Well Acid zing
bullet Bactericide in sugar industry
bullet Anodizing of aluminum
bullet Wood Preservative
bullet Flux for soldering
bullet Magnesium flux
bullet Flame retardant for plastics
bullet Arc quenching for Circuit Breakers
bullet Metallic plating

     Ammonium Silico Fluoride
     Barium Fluoride
bullet Flux for soldering
bullet Magnesium flux
bullet in pesticides
bullet in soldering flux,
bullet etching glass
bullet Light Metal Flux
bullet Heat Treat Salts
bullet High temperature lubricants
bullet Frit & Glass Flux
bullet Opacifier

     Chromium Fluoride
     Fluotitanic Acid
bullet Metalized. Dyes
bullet Dyeing and printing wool
bullet Light stabilizer for Polyamides
bullet Paint primer for steel
bullet Strengthening Alumina Bodies
bullet Metal Cleaning
bullet Catalyst or catalyst preparation
bullet Aluminum finishing

     Potassium Fluoride
     Potassium Titanium Fluoride
bullet Flux in Metallurgy
bullet Flux in Silver Solder
bullet Organic synthesis for introduction of Fluorine
bullet Catalyst for molds for dentures
bullet Component in Grinding Wheel
bullet Agent for Aluminum Grain Refining
bullet Flame Retardant
bullet Removal of Magnesium in refining scrap aluminfim
bullet Catalyst for molds for dentures
bullet Component in Grinding Wheels

     Sodium Fluoborate
     Sodium Fluoride
bullet Additive in Chrome, Nickel and Cadmium Plating Baths
bullet Bronzing and C urizing Steel
bullet Flux for Alumimum
bullet Flame retardant for Cotton and Rayon
bullet As insecticide particularly for roaches and ants
bullet In pesticide formulations
bullet Constituent in vitreous enamel and glass mixes
bullet As steel degassing agent
bullet In electroplating
bullet In foundry fluxes
bullet In heat-treating salt compositions
bullet In fluoridation of drinking water
bullet For disinfecting fermentation apparatus in breweries and distilleries
bullet Preserving wood
bullet Manufacture of coated paper
bullet Frosting glass

     Frosting Glass
     Strontium Fluoride
bullet As a "sour" in laundering
bullet In electroplating
bullet Flux Brazing
bullet Welding Applications

     Phosphoric Acid 40%,50%,60%
     Silica Manufacture of Powder
bullet in manufacture of super phosphates
bullet Process engraving
bullet Rust proofing metals beher painting
bullet Coagulating rubber latex
bullet Refractoriness, Abrasives, Ceramics, enamels
bullet De colorizing purifying oils, petroleum products etc
bullet mold for casting
bullet lu manuf . of silico chrowates
bullet Rubber compounding